We hired the consulting firm YouGov to identify the happiest towns in Spain. Weeks of research and thousands of interviews helped us create this ranking.​​​​​​​
We traveled to these villages and collected recipes and wisdom from the locals. Then, in collaboration with author and mental health expert Francesc Miralles, we published "Recetario de los Pueblos Más Felices de España," the first self-help cookbook for an entire country.
We launched the campaign on April 20th, World Happiness Day. Since then, it has been featured in the news quite a few times.
Here is a summary video of the clippings in progress (which I assure you I will improve).
By the way, buy the book. It’s available on Amazon FNAC and any other large bookstore in Spain. 
If you don’t like the campaign, you’re sure to love the donuts and sponge cakes.
Plus, the proceeds go to the Grandes Amigos Foundation.

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